Oh, and also a very quick (I hope) post about this artist, Wayne Belger, who makes project-specific pinhole cameras that utilize relevant sacred objects. For example, this camera incorporates a vial of HIV-infected blood, which passes in front of the lens to act as a #25 red filter:

The photograph below was taken with a pinhole camera designed "to study the beauty of decay", and is built around the skull of a thirteen-year-old girl:

It may sound gimmicky, but the photographs on their own, without context, are pretty amazing. What's more, he goes far enough that the gimmick, to my mind, becomes such an essential part of the piece that it can't be seen as a cheap trick at all.

I do admit, however, that I probably wouldn't have heard of him if he hadn't built a camera with an infant human heart inside of it (to be used to photograph women in their eigth month of pregnancy). I'm also impressed with his (underwater) camera with an "altar to the Santeria Goddess of the ocean, Yemaya" in the back. This guy is really, really great.