New Computer(s)!!
So I haven't had a computer at home for about three months. For me, that's a really, really long time. It's been really weird to come home from work and... sit around. Read the New Yorker. Play no Nethack.
Then, on Wednesday, my co-worker showed me the Computer Recycling Staging Area Place in the basement of my office, where old computers go to die, and where people can just pick stuff up and take it home with them. Like my new IBM Thinkpad 600, in perfect working order!!!

It does have trouble starting up, but runs just fine and has a three-hour battery life. W00T!
I'd ordered a new desktop, and it arrived yesterday. It certainly looks impressive:

And the case put on a crazy light show for me when I booted it up, with three colors of LED blinking around and Wheeeeee! I was a little put off by my sense of impending doom, as the last time I bought a new computer I broke it before I even saw the operating system, but it was very pretty to watch.
Ultimately, Windows 2K refused to recognize the hard drive controller and now I'll have to go through some Irritation Process, but I hope to have it up and running soon!
For the interested, the new computer is an Athlon Sempron 2600, with 512M of ram (plus, hopefully, whatever I had in the old machine... a 128M DIMM, I think).