I just saw the most amazing movie... well, perhaps not the most amazing, but it was at least as good as Mr. Vampire.

It's got Kung-Fu and huge guns and techno music and ridiculous over-foley! It's got great costumes and... it's got zombies! After all that, I guess they couldn't afford to hire actors, so they just grabbed their friends, and maybe some of the guys at the bar, and went out to the woods... Sweet!

A quick trip to IMDB, and I learn:
  • In the scene where Tak holds a pistol in his mouth, the director originally called for him to rack the slide with his teeth. He tried this, and broke a tooth. One of the zombies was played by a dentist, and fixed it for him.
  • In the aftermath of a few of the zombie melees, several zombies' butts are on fire. Director Ryuhei Kitamura did this on purpose, because he just thought it was funny.
  • The cast, crew, and director (who call themselves Team Versus) had so much fun making this film that Kitamura purposely filmed the movie with no ending, with hopes that they would be able to make a sequel. The DVD has proven to be a cult success in both the U.S. and Japan, so Japanese film companies have greenlit the sequel and given it (supposedly) an exponentially higher budget. Team Versus plans on principal photography in mid-2005.