I loved those boots...
In other news, Brooke found my favorite boots (the flaming New Rocks) in a web comic. I loved those boots.
I used to live in New York, and I would fly to see her in Chicago. When we seperated for six months, I used the money I would have spent on the plane ticket (plus a bit more, those boots were $250 or so) to buy those.
They had a little metal bit in the center of the soul that went 'snck' every time I stepped on a stair or a curb just right...
And then I got spurs for them, and I loved that, but I thought maybe people would think I was ridiculous. And then a random woman stopped me and said, "Those spurs are perfect!" and I realized that
A) It shouldn't matter what other people think, and
B) I have good taste.

It's still hard for me to fully accept that last bit.