Overdraft Fees

Wish me luck as I attempt to begin a new pay period without becoming overdrawn. Payday is on Friday, and unless some unforeseen electronic bill comes due tomorrow--touch wood--it looks like I'll have fourteen bucks in my account when the paycheck is deposited.

I did some quick researching in my bank history this morning: with the odd exception of June 6th, I have been charged overdraft fees due to insufficient funds in my bank every single pay period since April 11th. Thus far in the year I have already manged to exceed last year's $200 in overdraft fees--my new record is $275, and it's only August! Plenty of time to make the record even higher!

To put it in another, equally boring way: now that I wrote myself this great financial tracking software I can see that in the past month I have spent more on overdraft fees than I have on "Daily Coffee" (at Starbucks, no less) and "Loans to Friends" combined.

Last year I lived in terror of these fees, and the eight times I was overdrawn it quite spoilt my week each time. This year I'm much more relaxed about the whole affair. This may possibly explain the greater frequency (eleven, so far), but it is certainly the better choice.

And, of course, relaxed or not I am greatly looking forward to (as I hope) a non-negative bank account this Friday. Wish me luck!

Not that you were so very interested in the details of my bank balance...
I made it, by the skin of my teeth. Not sure I can do that trick again this week, but we'll see.