31 years of me!

I'm having a birthday soon! Yes, another one. I'll be celebrating it in Wisconsin, at the Delafield Contra Weekend--what Lauren accurately described as "a con for folk dancers*". Anyway, some of you might want to celebrate this event by buying things to give me. I say yes! Here are some (but not all) of the things that you could buy for me:

My food processor is slowly dying, and I have to wedge a fork in the side to get it to work. I'd love a new one!
Thank you, Elisabeth!!
My awesome pocket watch died. If someone wanted to give me some money towards pocket watch repairs, I'd love it!
Thanks, Elisabeth!!!
My iPod headphones recently died. So did my cell phone headphones! Did you know that the Chinese word for "disaster" is the same as their word for "buy me a set of bluetooth headphones for my birthday"? Neither did they.
Mind you, the above solution will only actually work if I also get hold of an adapter, so that my iPod is capable of bluetoothing, too.
It is probably past time for me to get a new kilt. They really make these things to last, but it has been three years.
Also of note, hair dye is always a great thing to get me. I tend towards the more vibrant shades, and prefer Special FX.
  • Early Spring: Bleach
  • Early Spring: Cupcake Pink
  • Late Spring: Atomic Pink
  • Early Summer: Orange (various shades)
  • Late Summer: Vibrant Red (various shades)
  • Early Fall: Darker Red (various shades)
  • Late Fall: Purple
  • Early Winter: Blue
  • Late Winter: Green (I've never been terribly happy with these colors...

Perfume, from BPAL: They sell "imps", little 1/32ml test vials, 6 for $16. I was going to request a particular scent, but it's more fun if you choose. I've tried Snake Oil (which I hated), Highwayman, R'yleh, Sea of Glass, Czernobog, Saint-Germain, and Centzon Totochtin (which I loved!).
Sheet music: No links for this, but I'm always looking for more sheet music. Idealy, this would be sheet music that I am capable of playing, now, on my violin / Pauw!'s guitar. "What Keeps Mankind Alive", by Weill, is one in particular that I've been unable to find.
Speaking of my violin, the store I've been renting it from has been setting aside half of my rentals fees so that I can apply them towards the purchase price--I think I could buy it outright for under $200. Money towards this would also be appreciated--I really like this instrument, and one day I'll really be able to play it. Amy owes me another lesson, too!
I need dance shoes (although I just bought these sandals). I'm not sure what type of shoe I need for contra-dancing, though.
Books: Fuzzy reminded me that I have an (up to date, with preferences marked as well as an indication of where I heard about the book and / or why I want it) Amazon wish list!
I think I'd like a digital SLR, and they've been around long enough that, presumably, one can find a decent one for a reasonable price. This would be mainly for portfolio shots, so it would need to have manual aperture and shutter speed settings and a decent lens (ideally interchangeable). 2 megapixel or higher resolution would be fine, as this is primarily intended for a digital audience, so I wouldn't need to print.

Hmm, they actually seem to be selling for around $200. Which is a great price for a $2,000 camera, but still maybe more than I'd spend, myself.

*So "con" is short for "convention"--a gathering of like minded people. The abbreviated term is usually associated with Sci-Fi cons, however, and has since come to refer to a wide variety of other otaku gatherings as well. When I saw the link to the Furry Con list, I couldn't resist, even though that really didn't help explain what a "con" was.

Then again, if you didn't know what a con was, you probably didn't know a damn thing about Furries, and now you do. You can thank me later. (:

hey, that's *my* food processor, technically speaking. You can toss it, though, because it's so dead I didn't want to take it with me :)