More Metafilter Mirth

I know I send a lot of this 'blog copying and pasting from Metafilter, which is kind of odd. But, damn, that stuff is great.

So, today, someone made a post about how Verizon was no longer hosting the alt.* usenet hierarchy. Not big news at all, although they may have been pressured into doing by the Attorney General, and they used ChildPornz as their excuse.

In the discussion, someone--and I honestly haven't the slightest idea whether it was ironical or completely sincere, they gave no indication whatsoever--posted that poem by Martin Niemöller, you know, "First they came for the Jews, but I did not speak up". That was hilarious, on it's own.

Then throughout the rest of the thread, confused readers were trying to figure out whether it was a subtle joke making fun of alarmists, of if the fellow had actually compared Verizon's hosting decision to the Holocaust

But the past part? The reason I posted about it here? Stavros, the Wonder Chicken, created a new word: Niemöllergötterdämmerung.

I don't know, I thought it was funny.

Oh, wow, and then the Director of Digital Communications at Time Warner Cable paid $5 and made an account to clarify their position. So that's pretty damn cool.