Tasting Party

I hosted a whiskey-tasting party once, where everyone was asked to bring a bottle of a different kind of whiskey. I learned an awful lot about whiskey! Matt Bourque hosted a Red Wine tasting party, and I learned a lot about wine.

That's it. For the last six months or longer, no one has taught me anything about how to taste things. What the hell, people!? For those of you who weren't at these parties, it's much more than just drinking wine, it's about a shared experience of the wine, in which an attempt is made to pay attention to every part of the experience, and to help each other express it. It's really great!

Click the thumbnail for my suggestions for our next party, and help me get off my ass and organize it!.

Yes, I often procrastinate in weird ways. Yes, I just got a new pen. What's your point?



Soda - seriously, there's some pretty interesting sodas out there. Not just thinking about Jones here, but also schmancy root beers and cream sodas. The most interesting root beer I had recently had strong notes of licorice and lemon.. I didn't particularly LIKE it, but it was at least unique.

Ice Cream (either lots of varieties of one flavor, or lots of flavors. Either one really.)

There are lots of other wine slices you could try.. white, fortified, blended, bubbly, etc..
Cheese! I vote cheese! We can get the cheese broker dude to bring us a bunch, I bet! CHEEEEEEEEESE!!!!!!!!