And this is why I read Metatalk...

I love reading Metafilter, but I usually start with the "site discussion and bug reports" section, Metatalk, instead of the front page. This is why:

eideteker: more snidebars, pls

eideteker: (that comment will probably get more favorites if I explain to people that "snark" is a portmanteau of "snide + remark", and therefore it works better than snarkbar. Unless you're a fan of Clark Bars, in which case you're stupid.)

Mister_A: I am a fan of portmanteau words. Well played, eideteker.

dersins: You misspelled "portmantwords."

eideteker: Would you say they are portmanteautally awesome?

cortex: Portmanteausome, surely.