I <3 Zork

Three quick Zork-related items:

Firstly, a bit of interactive fiction called Lost Pig. You are a young Orc, and you've lost your pig. Great game, like a IF short story. Very true to the spirit of the original Zork, I feel.

Secondly, holy shit I'm old. I was discussing the above game with my friend (my friend, mind you, not my housemate's young niece, or something) and mentioned Zork. She'd never heard of it. I thought about it a bit, asked her how old she was, and realized that I had first played Zork the year before she was born!!!!! Holy crap I'm old! Er, as I see I've already said, up there at the start.

Finally, LOLGrues. This might be my favorite exploitation of the cat macro in the history of cat macro exploitations. Ever.