Damn. Hooray!

So, I had just more or less psyched myself up for this experiment involving exposure therapy for arachnophobes--they measure your brainwaves as they fix you. Of course, getting "fixed" involves playing with live spiders, which is why it took me three months just to contact them about the study, and was starting to look forward to it. The study pays $100, but the money was not enough to get me anywhere near the room that might have the spider in it.

I was a little swayed by the thought that it would make me a better person (i.e., one that wasn't afraid of spiders) at no cost, but what finally brought me around (three months later) was the thought of the glory of facing my fears, without the slightest danger of damage--physical or even mental. I had just talked myself into signing up and using the money to get a spider tattoo. Oh, well, maybe in Spring.

Dear Benjamin,
Thank you very much for your interest in our phobia treatment study. We have been overwhelmed with responses for participation in this study, and unfortunately, are not taking additional participants at the moment. I will keep your email address and phone number for future reference, because we will be recruiting participants again in the late spring and early fall.