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I watched most of the first episode of The Sarah Connor Chronicles at the gym this morning, and it seems to be worth watching more. I was really worried at first*, but I think I'll like the show. For one thing, it doesn't flinch (at least in the pilot) from showing that Sarah Connor is totally batshit crazy. She isn't wrong about the killer robots from the future, but she is pretty clearly nuts (in an interesting, self-destructive, ruining her child's life sort of way, not a cheesy Hollywood sort of way).

For another thing, neither the actor who play Sarah Connor nor the actor who plays John Connor suck very much. Hooray! The same cannot be said for the other human actors and, of course, the evil cyborgs get a free pass (showing convincing emotion would be a real failing on their part).

Of course the real reason that the show isn't terrible is because there is a scene in which Summer Glau says, "Come with me if you want to live". Any amount of terrible acting is worth it for that, really.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the pilot is the lack of "Wha-? You mean you're a robot?" bullshit. The two main characters know the score, so when Summer Glau's character gets shot at point blank range and then stands up again, they simply say, "What model are you?" That's great, I can't stand that Thomas Covenant crap.

This show also has real political potential. The first movies were very interesting politically: over the course of the first movie, Sarah Connor changes from a typical running-in-high-heels horror victim to a Sigourney Weaver-style self-assured badass. The television show has replaced Arnold with Summer Glau, who is smart and cute and can credibly throw a viking through a wall. In addition, she's still too neotonous to be relegated to a purely sexual role''. Which leaves us with a high-school aged boy (a reluctant hero who can't really fight) shepherded by two no nonsense, completely self-assured kick-ass women. Chased by evil robots. So that's nice.

*The main character is in a stable relationship with a man at the beginning of the show. I know my culture, and if the main character is in bed with a guy, that almost always means that either 1) She's in love, he'll get killed, she'll be heartbroken, or 2) He'll be there to save her, in the end, and keep her from harm. At this point I was ready to huck my iPod across the gym and go back to reading Steam Punk Erotica. However, in this case, she dumps his ass and hits the road. Not very nice, but better than the alternatives.

''Ok, while checking my spelling for "neotonous", I realized that I was obviously quite wrong. Neotony is in, in, in, and women can be infantilized while sexualized with great ease these days. And probably always have been. Summer Glau won't be relegated to a purely sexual role because she fucking rocks. End of story.

Two more notes on this word: I submitted a definition for the Urban Dictionary, but I'm not sure whether they'll accept it (synonyms: "Lolita, Lolli, Teen, Youth, Young"). If they do, I'll link it up there. Secondly, I will always associate the word with Suki, from 2 Fast, 2 Furious. I've never seen the movie, but the posters were everywhere. When I asked Katya what was so weird about her look, she taught me this word.

One note about that last note: although I find it crass to do so, I must admit that Devon Aoki is pretty hot. More to the point, apparently she's in a n upcoming movie called Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Undead?!?!?!?!?

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