Possible Reasons for Current Good Mood

I've been feeling quite low of late, especially in the mornings--biking to work lately, I've ranged from general, "Man, nothing's going right" to full blown "I'm wasting my life and all I have to show for myself is a level 66 Night Elf Druid!" panic.

Today, however, I felt just great, and continue to do so. So first of all, I just want to acknowledge that, and put it up here so that the next time I'm biking along, feeling like crap I may remember it. Secondly, I wanted to speculate on possible reasons to the recovery of cheer:

  • I bought a new desktop computer--I realized that my old computer was from 2004, and so when the hard drive started to go, I just got a new one. I'm very excited!
  • I've been able to bik to work for two weeks, now. Even better, every single day for the next seven days will be 50 degrees or warmer. My god, I can't begin to tell you how hard this winter was. Yow. I was seriously worried that Sköll, son of Fenris, had finally swallowed the sun (visions of Tyr staring him down sternly and saying, "Drop it! Drop it! No biting!") and set off the Fimbulwinter.
  • The other day I went through my typical meals, and realized that none of them contain any vegetables. Breakfast? No, lunch? Not really, dinner? Well, only sometimes... hmmm... So now I take a One-A-Day Multi-Vitamin every day, and I've also started drinking this crazy new-age miracle cure powder. And I shouldn't be so suspicious of it, perhaps...
  • Christine and Amy and I played guitar for three hours last night. For one thing (even though I am really not very good at this) it is technically "creating something", and that hasn't been part of the program for a few weeks. For another thing, my was all playing guitar (and beautiful, beautiful violin, as well!) as if she were all well and shit! Note that this is my housemate, who has had this crazy debilitating chronic back pain for quite literally as long as I've known her. She's playing violin for her church on the 20th, and I am really, really excited for her.

So, yeah. Now I'm off to crash Susanne Sklar's "Feminine and the Divine" class. Woot!!