One's finances are rarely interesting to anyone except for oneself and one's enemies (for example, the credit card company). Nevertheless, it's my blog, so I'm posting a giant jpg of the excel spreadsheet that I made detailing when I'll pay off my massive credit card debt. You don't have to look.

The important thing to note is that, if all goes according to play, I'll have paid off one six-year-old debt by August, which means that I only have seven months to choose which ear to get pierced*. Any suggestions?

*This has been the plan for two years or so. I had something like $8,000 of debt on my credit card, and $3,000 of debt in my overdraft account from New York. I decided that I would get a piercing for each. I like the (somewhat Māoricle) idea of having a permanent, physical change to mark the successful completion of a difficult trial.