I'm using it right now in Australia!

So, Engadget's report on iTunes movie rentals is interesting, and it looks like Apple made a useful-but-not-life-changing thing. Netflix is obvious better for scheduled rentals, and probably much better for streaming rentals (not sure about comparative catalog size) but when I watch a movie on my iPod an hour from now (which could conceivably happen) it sounds great.

The other thing I love is that the comments thread devolved into a discussion about racial slurs. Someone (quite properly) chastised them for using the phrase "What a gyp". There followed a long thread in which the relative etymology, merits, and desirability of the word "gyp" were hotly debated. This was followed by a new comment: "Using it right now in Australia and, its awesome!"

Of course he was starting a new thread, and was referring to the rental service... But it made me laugh.

Hey, never mind, because I just realized that my iPod got stolen last night, so iTunes rental isn't really very pertinent to my life anymore.