So I got a bunch of photo paper, and I printed out all of my favorite prints from these artists:

I'm not sure, but I think I found out about all three of them just by reading Coilhouse--blogs are great.

Step two, I cut them all out. There's something quite different about seeing them in the flesh. For one thing, it's just a printer and photo paper, so they are uniformly less pretty than they are on screen--darker, less deep, the color isn't as good, &c. Also, they are much smaller--I'm stealing these images from the web, so many of them can only be three or four inches high without pixelation. On the other hand, now that I have them they are not just art, but also artifact--this makes a huge difference to me, somehow, handling these real, physical objects of beauty.

Step three will be to buy a shitload of balsa wood (I guess?) and cut it into frames. So many frames...

I highly recommend Ikea for cheap frames.
If there isn`t one in Chicago, you can visit the one here when you come for MacB. Because you ARE coming, right?