Fuzzy's Tofu Advice

For future reference:

[14:01] FHBen: My socks. Knocked off!
[14:01] Fuzz E Fuz: do tell!
[14:01] FHBen: Bao were invented by Zhuge Liang!!!
[14:01] Fuzz E Fuz: cool!
[14:02] Fuzz E Fuz: Did I tell you I found out how to prepare tofu?
[14:02] FHBen: He's like the magic fighting Sherlock Holmes of ancient China! And he invented bao!
[14:02] FHBen: No, how do you prepare tofu?
[14:02] Fuzz E Fuz: that's amazing!
[14:02] Fuzz E Fuz: well, you freeze it
[14:02] Fuzz E Fuz: and then you thaw it
[14:02] Fuzz E Fuz: and then you drain it
[14:03] Fuzz E Fuz: and then you slice it into half inches slices
[14:03] Fuzz E Fuz: and you fry the slices until they're golden brown
[14:03] Fuzz E Fuz: then you cut the slices in halves or quarters, and fry THEM in a pan with a punch of garlic and scallion
[14:03] FHBen: oh.
[14:03] FHBen: wow.
[14:04] Fuzz E Fuz: then you add some thin sauce. I've only tried it with soy sauce + sugar + spice paste.
[14:04] Fuzz E Fuz: like a cup
[14:04] Fuzz E Fuz: then you're done
[14:04] Fuzz E Fuz: it is FABULOUS
[14:04] Fuzz E Fuz: during the last step, the tofu slices soak up almost all of the liquid
[14:04] Fuzz E Fuz: and the crunchy from the first frying becomes more of a crunchy/chewy