All I want for Christmas

Here is a list of things that I am refraining from purchasing, partially because I had to cancel my debit card*, but mostly so you you will have the opportunity to buy them for my for Christmas. Aren't I thoughtful? I'll keep updating this list. (:

A nice goban and some stones Varies
Black Phoenix Alchemy (esp. Mechanical Phoenix scent, pls!) $20
Homemade prints of this guy's work, framed. Cheap?
These dreamy goggles! $24
An Edison-style cup phonograph $50
This Fantastic Salvage!~$25
USB 6-button gamepad (for MAME, mostly)$15
Eyeglasses (!)$25.99
A car$2,000
10 pairs of warm, thick, long socks$66.00
A Sturdy Pocket Watch$50
A Nice Alarm Clock$35