"The Bar was 100% Yuggsville: Fungi everywhere, ensconced in the exoskeletal bar stools that literally fed nutrients and complex psychotropic fractals directly into their bodies, crawling on the walls, spraying comm lasers everywhere–it looked like a disco for mimes in Azathoth’s throneroom, what with all the lights slashing through the fog and the utter, utter silence: none of them were using transcomms to convert Yuggothian “colourspeak” into an audible language. My friend’s Yugg buddy made him drink some frothy blue concoction of nanomachines that would give my friend the knowledge of seventeen levels of Yuggothian memetic grammar. All it did was give Martin a trip that made his one experiment with acid back in college seem like watching 2001: A Space Odyssey in reverse, and a horrible, horrible hangover the next day. He also developed some weird speech patterns afterward, but I guess what ever memetic programming the booze was supposed to accomplish, it didn’t take very well."

Wow. This blog is awesome. And it seems entirely to be done from the point of view of the survivor of some unspeakable Lovecraftian holocaust. For example, this is a typical blog entry about Geiger's bar, in Switzerland.

Update: Is the whole blog in this style? I can't actually tell...

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