Birthday Kurta (also Nasher photos)

Here's a photograph of my wearing my new kurta!

My mother took this while I was visiting N.C. last weekend. Had a great trip including, among other things, a visit to my grandmother's new apartment, at The Forest. She has a really lovely apartment there.

We also went to the Nasher Museum, which is probably my favorite museumm in North Carolina.

Two of the most interesting pieces were explicit references to previous works. In Paul Pfeiffer's St. John the Baptist, he uses an old master's pose and technique to portray a modern African-American person, dressed in contemporary style (as is his habit): (click for full painting)

Here's Jordaen's version:

The other was a reference to Bacon's Three Studies for Figures at the Base of a Crucifixion:

Each projector was playing a different loop. The loops were of basketball games, showing a winning moment with a "celebrity athlete" scoring a point, &c., except that in each loop all of the basketball players had been edited out, leaving only the fans, an empty court, and a bouncing ball.