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Home on the Strange

Sadly, that's more or less exactly what I thought of Heroes. I got the whole season via bittorrent, and just watched the season finale last night. The first several episodes were really fantastic, up in the Firefly category... Then it got a bit lame... then there were episodes that were set in the future, and that was really cool! Then there was a long build up to the Big Blockbuster Season Finale and End of Story Arc One!!!!!

And it certainly wasn't lame... but the key, key moment was totally flubbed. The writer / producer, Tim Kring, even said something along the lines of, "Well, we didn't think anyone would think about it too hard." Which is to say, "I think my viewers are easily-manipulated idiots".

I don't regret rabidly watching the entire thing, one episode after another, projected onto a 3'x4' sheet of dry wall in my basement. And I'm still hoping that they just need a break, and that after the summer they'll return, and it will be cool again. But really good art never insults my intelligence, so I'm quite disappointed in them.

Hiro Nakamura is still totally awesome, though!!!!!