A Lovely Antidote to Saturday

On Saturday I gave in to my newfound chess addiction. This was fueled by the fact that I had just recently installed Chessmaster 10th Edition on my computer, and was hell bent on beating Lisa, a 1006 ranked computer opponent that I just can not beat.

After playing chess for something like seven hours, I went to a brithday party that I didn't especially enjoy. I walked home, and got mugged. All in all, not a very good day.

Sunday, however, was much better. Katya and Amy and I met a bunch of friends at the Pride Parade, which was... odd. The parade, I mean, not meeting our friends. The most bizarre thing was the crazy level of corporate participation--everyone from Motorola to Channel 7 News had a float.

On the one hand, this was quite a bit irritating, seeing all these commercial logos in the Pride parade. On the other hand, though, being Co-Opted by the Man is a sure sign of acceptance. These are companies that would surely have fired any Out employee fifty years ago, and now they are desperately trying to show how accepting they are. The whole thing reminded me a lot of the St. Patrick's Day Parade, in fact, where companies that have nothing to do with Ireland dress up in green ribbons and celebrate heavy drinking. Except instead, it was very, very tight clothing celebrating indiscriminate sex (which was a bit disturbing, but it's a start).

There were still plenty of genuinely queer (and loads of genuinely Queer) floats to be seen, however: