Last Wednesday

Man, I thought I was done, but my week was even busier than I thought! Last Wednesday, Dan invited Katya, Jennings and myself out to see the DePaul Symphony Orchestra. I've been trying to recall whether I'd ever been to a symphony proper before, and I don't think I have. Elisabeth took me to see Carmina Burana, but that's not quite the same thing.

I'm afraid that I preferred the least adventurous piece, Tchaikovsky's R&J Overture. It was grand and glorious, and full of passionate explosions. I liked it. The second piece was his Variations on a Rococo Theme, which I liked initially but ultimately lost track of. There were some awfully fancy cello bits in there, though. Awfully fancy.

The final piece was Bartók's Concerto for Orchestra, a very modern piece. Little pockets of elegance interrupted with loud explosions of brass. I liked this one quite well, but felt that the explosions themselves weren't allowed as much room as they deserved. Jennings tells me that I may well like it more upon a second hearing.

There was more music on Thursday...