Yesterday I went to my AC / DC Ensemble. We played Highway to Hell straight through, for the first time, with no interruptions. Jen was singing, and it sounded great! Like a legitimate version of the song! Like Rockstars!

I do wonder whether my fiddle is adding anything whatsoever to the mix, but I don't think it's hurting anything. The instructor said something about how the violin is a melodic instrument and not a harmonic one (unlike a guitar, which can play chords, the best I can do is to play two-thirds of a chord, a double-stop). He followed this by going on a long tangent (?) about how part of being in a band was learning how to give constructive criticism to your band mates, telling them hard truths for the good of the band. Perhaps I'm overly paranoid, but I certainly got the feeling that there was a hard truth that he wanted to tell me... He didn't, however, so that's frustrating.

After everyone left, I stayed a jammed for a little bit with one of the other students. He gave me a ride home, and we stopped for Thai food on the way. So that was cool.

That was last night, so we've almost caught up to just now...