Last Sunday

In the morning we hiked back to the infamous Tower, and it was really something. At 60-feet tall, it was about ten feet above the tree line, so with clear weather (and that day the weather was exceedingly clear) you could see Lake Michigan. After climbing down again, we hiked along the Parnell Trail, then cut across some open fields to a handy bridal path (Matt started humming that chorus from Lohengrin, a pun that I failed to get until Katya expliciterized it for me). This led, eventually, to our trail.

In all, this hike was about five miles--just right. Our camp sight that night was beautiful! The shelter was surrounded by forest, but Katya and I pitched our tent in a field a quarter-mile away. This was the first time we'd used it; the other nights we slept on the benches in the shelters. Therefore, as we set up the tent on top of a bunch of knee-high grass, it was the most comfortable night of the trip.

One highlight from this evening: I'd brought along some novelty vodka (I love novelty items, even though time and again I've learned that they often aren't worth it). Raspberry-flavored, and blue, it was only $10! It did not taste very good at all, I'm afraid, so as the fire wasa dying Dan proposed a toast to absent friend. He excalimed, "To Ben Newton, the Founder of May Mountaineering Madness!" and threw the remaining vodka on the fire. Rather unexpectedly, this doused the remaining embers and produced merely a thick cloud of black smoke. No offense intended, Ben.

Memorial Day was last Monday...