Last Saturday

This was the hardest day, by far. Not that it was really so difficult, but I'm no hiker and I discovered that seven miles is over my limit. On Sunday we hiked five miles, and that was perfectly fine, so I'm guessing that six miles is my limit. At least, my limit when carrying a tent, sleeping bag, five pounds of carrots and all of the clothing for the trip. This meant that most of the hike was pretty fun (although I had a lot of trouble figuring out how to adjust my backpack correctly) but that the last mile or two were really just awful. By far the worst part were the mosquitoes, which were incredibly numerous. Even though my whole body hurt and I was out of breath, it was actually preferable to continue walking, because the mosquitoes didn't swarm as badly while we were moving.

We finally got to camp, and had a fantastic meal (Matt and Araidia co÷rdinated the food, and did a superb job). Then I got a chance to talk to Christin (who works at the Field Museum with Araidia) about Art while everyone else went to see Parnell Tower. Everyone returned, and we played an exhausted game of twenty-questions until it became simply too silly ("Is it an animal? Is it Boutros Boutros-Ghali? How about now?"). My favorite was

Me: Is it an object?
Chelsea: Yes, it's an object.
Me: Is it something that I've seen?
Chelsea: Yes. Ur.. no.
Katya: Parnell Tower. Next!

I went to sleep, and woke up last Sunday.