I've been busy.

I've been quite busy, so I thought to update my 'blog all at once. I have no time to elaborate so these entries are shorter than they should be, but in the Glorious Future I'll look back and at least I'll know what I was up to. Here's what I've been doing:

Weekend Before Last: An aquaintance of mind sent out an email to a mailing list of Chicago electricians. It said, "EMERGENCY! Please run lights for my show!" and little else. I wrote back that I'd been planning to have the time off, but that if he couldn't find anyone else I'd do it--I didn't know what his show was, and I expected awful children's theatre or, worse, Tennesee Williams. Fortunately, he couldn't find anyone else, so I got to run lights all weekend for the Chicago Tap Theatre which was unbelievably awesome.

They are responsible for the posters I'd seen last year advertising "Changes: A David Bowie Tap Opera". Regrettably, I'd never seen the Tap Opera itself, (just the posters) so it was a real treat to finally get to see the company. This production was called "Mixology", and it had twelve dancers dancing to a three-piece jazz band with an awesome vocalist. She sang some standards (Let's Call the Whole Thing Off, &c.) and she also covered Portishead (Glorybox, with twelve tap dancers, achieves a passion and force that I believe is really lacking in the original) and Suzanne Vega (99.9 Degrees, Blood Makes Noise) and David Bowie (Angel, my favorite song from Heathen). I spent the first two performances utterly terrified--what if I got confused and ruined the dance!? By the final show, though, I finally felt that I had things under control and was able to really enjoy myself. It was an archaic manual board, so the timing was all manual, sliding faders up and down. Not too difficult, but it was extremely fun to make eye contact with Leslie (the vocalist) just before a "bump" cue, slamming the theatre into a blackout in time to the music.

And then on Monday Before Last...