Brooke just told me about this:

They are making a Broadway Spider-Man Musical. That's a little shocking, mostly in a "Blerk? Ulrgh." sort of way. But the director is... the director is Julie Taymor. Oh sorry, that link should have pointed here. Anyway, for those who don't know, Taymor is my total inspiration, she does what I want to do, and she is incredible at it. If you haven't seen her version of Titus Andronicus (called "Titus", and starring Anthony Hopkins) then go see it. Unbelievable. Beautiful--pure beauty.

Taymor also turned The Lion King (which by all rights should have been yet another Beauty & the Beast-style Disney glurge-fest) into Serious Art. Incidentally, one of the things that she insisted on before started Lion King was that Nala, one of the only two female characters in the story, be given a much stronger role and more stage time. She also insisted on being absolutely fucking amazing and awesome in every way, although perhaps Disney didn't fight her on that.

Anyway, so perversely my list of maybe-it-would-be-worth-getting-a-job-in-Advertising-so-I-can-afford-to-see-this-play plays now incudes not only the Lyric's productions of Dr. Atomic, Falstaff, and the Barber of Seville (which I think I might actually get to see); and not only Wolves in the Walls in Edinburgh, and the new film / opera of The Ground Beneath Her Feet which no I'm not kidding about and opens in Manchester on the 28th of June; but now that same list also includes "Spider-Man--the Musical". Weird, weird, weird.

By the way, if anyone has a tranlsated copy of the new Indian Spider-Man, I would love to read it.