Brass Fusion

Katya and I went to see a bunch of brass bands play at the Beat Kitchen on Sunday. It was pretty incredible, I have to say, even though I didn't care for the first two at all (too modern-jazz-y for me).

The third band, the Black Bear Combo had played Jennifer and Damien's wedding, so I knew they were cool. They play Klezmer music, but instead of a clarinet, accordion and violin, they have a trumpet, a tuba, a sax, and a big marching band bass drum. They played music that I found myself dancing to, even though I didn't especially plan to do so, and even though I don't really like dancing at clubs.

The last band (the only one I have photos of) was Environmental Encroachment. Katya had just seen these folks at a Burning Man party, and they had an electric violinist there. Unfortunately, there was no violin on Sunday. Nevertheless, it was fantastic. I'm not really sure what kind of music it was, I guess "Marching Band Punk"...

Two trombones, a tube, a trumpet, a saxophone (play upside-down while hula-hooping) an awesome bass guitar, and one snare drum. Oh, and the drummer had cammo (?) bunny ears, and a bright green body suit. There were also a beautiful girl and a beautiful boy, both dressed in punk-Victoriana who were the "EE Dancers". Well worth my ten bucks, let me tell you. (: