Mardi Gras, and cool photo

Hey, I never did write anything about the awesome Mardi Gras party that Kate and Larry took us to. Open bar (hurricanes) and live jazz. More importantly, costumes were mandatory. The theme was "Mother Goosed", so there were a bunch of cool fairy-tale costumes: two of the most notable were a moon mask, with a cow-onna-stick leaping over it*, and someone who seemed to be dressed as Dennis Rodman.

Kate made absolutely exquisite harlequin costumes for herself and Larry--I haven't seen the photos of these, yet, but they were phenomenal. I didn't dress as anything, but I quite like the effect. Note, I photoshopped the hell out of these, because my camera phone ain't so hot. If you're gonna edit photos, you may as well edit them.

*Actually, it was bull, with big horns and a giant, erect phallus. The party may have been primarily 40-something lawyers and yuppies, but it was 21 and older, and it was Mardi Gras...