Dude, why the hell didn't any of you tell me about Regina Spektor? Holy hell, I really like her music! I mean, that stuff is really good, and I usually don't like "indie" music... although I suppose I do like anti-folk, which is how the Wik' identifies Spektor.

I also really, really dislike like a lot of jazz (although Miles Davis sounds better every time I hear it, maybe I'm just getting used to it). I do like vocal jazz, but I think I like this Spektor person even more than, say, Ella Fitzgerald.

I even like her enough to go to her show on the 13th of May, but maybe not for $23. I am quite blown away, however.

Hey, I sent you some Regina Spektor on a mix CD. What more do you want from me?

I'm with you, though. "Begin to Hope" was my favorite record of 2006.