Amazon Mixup

Amazon just sent me "AVATAR: The Last Airbender" and kind-of-cool, kind-of-weird manga that I certainly didn't order. The packing receipt read: Yang Chi, but the box it came in had my name on it. I wrote to Amazon:

I believe this order was meant for "Ying Chi", and shouldn't really have gone to me. A simple mistake to make, I see. (Please accept my apology if you find this message twee).

Looks like a cool book, but I bet this Yang Chi is missing it (and I've not heard of it before). What should I do next?

yay! free stuff!
A poem by Mayakovksy, former poet laureate of the USSR:

sticks in my teeth too,
and I'd rather
romances for you-
more profit in it
and more charm.

But I subdued
setting my heel
on the throat
of my own song."

Vladimir Mayakovsky

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