Merry Child!

I updated my portfolio with pictures from Buried Child. A lot of the pics that I got could have been much better--Dodge, who was wearing white most of the time, is so bright in my shots that it's hard to make out his features. It wasn't like that on stage, honest! Anyway, I had to photoshop a bunch of them, so I couldn't really use them in my portfolio. Others were so bad (exposure-wise) that I just didn't include them. These are on my Flick'r account.

One exception is the above shot of Shelly with Bradley's leg, which is heavily Photoshopped. I really like the way it looks, though, so I used to altered version (and added a note and a link to the original).

As for the portfolio itself, I like it fairly well--I wrote the code for it, and am still tweaking it. I can't quite figure out what to do about vertical photos--if the width is constant, then they are huge in comparison to horizontal photos...

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