On the wall, a coat of arms shows butoh and gender theory.

This very clever fellow Kevan, of twelve days fame, has also created a nethackesque dungeon based on livejournal profiles... nah, you just have to see it, no amount of explaination will suffice. The quotes here are from Plethorax's journal.

"You are in a muddy fissure. Crude images of linguistics are daubed on the walls.

Sabacthani the mind flayer guards the western exit (60HP)."

Man, that's guy's good. He also has a bad joke generator. I'll just stop posting things now, 'cause I'm sure they are all equally cool.

What is violachic's favourite game?

What's violachic's favourite film?
A Civil Right at the Opera

What's violachic's favourite book?
The Lion, The Witch and the Eddie Izzardrobe

What's violachic's favourite book?
War and World Peace
Thank you, thank you. The random-number-driven script will be here all night. Try the veal.

Heh, one more:

What's sabacthani's favourite album?
Never Violin'd The Bollocks Here's The Sex Pistols