Katya and I were talking about flags, and flag design aesthetic. Even though I enjoy the Eagle / Snake brouhaha on the Mexican flag, I usually like my flags simple and bold.
This led to discussion about the wisdom of including the parent country's flag in one's own flag design, (c.f. Australia). I mean, currently Australia owns the Northwest Territories, right? But what happens if Australia chooses to make it a colony instead of a territory, a separate country, called Northwestria, or something? Surely this new nation would want to show allegiance to their parent country by incorporating the Australian flag in the upper left of the Northwestrian flag. You see the problem by now, of course. It starts out alright, with the English within the Australian within the Northwestrian flags, but what if Northwestria becomes more powerful? What if they become a world player by tapping their primal psychic energy? What if they *B* colonize England */b* ? Flag feedback! Chaos! The flag makers of the world would become stuck in an infinite feedback loop of flags-within-flags!! --