Announcement: I like pickles now.
That is all.
heh, pikkle!!! I bet you like DILL. mmmmmmm. That's what we usually have at home.
so any kind in parti2006-11-08
I feel like I was a terribly insensitive friend to have not known that you didnt like them. to correct the problem: what kind did you like? any plans to try more? have you ever had home made pickles?
Well, I've always liked hotdog relish, and I have always liked sweet pickles, too. I never eat them, though, because I am so suspicious. Anyway, I got a bagle the other day, and the dude gave me a pickle, too (like they do) and it was a weird day and such, and I ate it. And it was _good_! And the next day I went back, partially because I like bagel sandwiches, but mostly because I wanted another pickle!!! But no, I don't know what kind I like, or anything about them. Just now, in this (increasingly large) comment I found that I had consistantly spelled it "pikkle", which only goes to show my ignorance of the subject.