The Evening Before the Day of All Saints

You might not think it, to look at me, but my primary goal really isn't to stand out in a crowd. As it happens, I do tend to do so (or perhaps the crowds mere stand in whenever I'm around?) and I can't say I dislike the feeling, but I mainly dress to please myself. At SalonCon, for example, I was perfectly happy (albeit more than a little jealous) to be one of the least fancy people in every room.

This is one of many reasons, then, that Halloween is my favorite holiday. For one day a year, many otherwise mundane folk are content to trade Convention for Beauty, and wear fantastic costumes. Many other people, of course, are content to wear cheap plastic "Friday the 13th"-style masks, but what can one do?

Sadly, I never get a chance to really celebrate Halloween. It often occurs, as it did this year, just after a brutally exhausting Tech Week. As I often do, I put together what I thought was a rather lame costume at the last minute, using feathers from my Masked Ball mask. To my surprise, it was a huge hit. Everyone loves orange eyebrows, I guess. (:

(Note my new burgundy velvet jacket, from Dorian!!)

The rest of my housemates celebrated at Nocturna, the local Goth night, but I just stayed at home and tried to relax. Before they left, however, they invited me to join them in Tuesday Bible Study / Pumpkin Carving. This was especially exciting because just that morning I had been bleakly calculating how long it had been since last I carved a pumpkin.

My first pumpkin in many years.
Charity's cat pumpkin. (I think it's Byron)
Jeremy's... pumpkin.