So I was sitting around, wishing that I had a new skirt. For one thing, it's getting on towards winter and my current skirts (both of them) end above my knees... which is going to get more than a little cold (and I also think they look weird with tights / long underwear).

For another thing, it feels a little bit like I'm cheating. I want to be all, "Screw gender, I wear what I like" but as long as my skirts are so easily identifiable as kilts it's an easy out.

I'd like to have a skirt that I can wear as a skirt. However, I'm not really into the idea of wearing a skirt just to provoke people--the point, again, is that I just want to wear what I want to wear without worrying about other folks opinions. This means that until I can find a skirt with enough pockets, for example, I'll stick to my kilts.

Fortunately for me, however, I live with a costume designer! If I can find the money, and Kate can find the time, my dreams can become a reality!! I didn't think that I could draw costume renderings at all, at all, but I'm actually quite proud of how these turned out. It's amazing what you can do when there are only twelve cues in the whole show and there's nothing else to do but draw clothing.

Full-length warm winter skirt
Shiny buckled assymetric skirt
Pirate Captain's jacket
Kimono tail-coat (Kate's stroke of genius)
Kimono tail-coat in purple
kate setzer kamphaus2006-10-25
i think we can get the flame skirt (FlameSkurt???) made in the next two weeks. yay!!!!!!