Hoo-ah! I just got off an eleven-hour work call at the Mariott theatre ($13 an hour, I'm not complaining) and made myself a stiff drink. A very stiff drink: my eyes are crossed. This may be, in part, due to the drinking game I played all day: every time I scrapped my back on a low-hanging part of the theatre (I was in a small crawlspace all day long) I would do a shot when I got home. Only five shots later, and my eyes are crossed. Who knew Drambuie was so potent? I made myself a drink, too, to celebrate:
Drambuie Orange Rum Vanilla Ice Cream 1 Peach Peach Juice
Also, very, very potent. And I'm eating an omelette made with that Special Bean Thing that I created a while ago for the knish. You know the one. So, yeah, that essay on male-targetted sexism that I was going to write... that might not happen. The new site design I was planning to try, that might not happen either.
I'm not really celebrating the 4th of July so much as I am celebrating being, in theory at least, financially solvent once more. After I deposit a bunch of cash stolen from the Opera Box tomorrow I'll be ok for the moment, but I made $292.50 in the last two days. That justifies some celebration. Also, Katya is in St. Louis, and I miss her.