I've had an eventful life, all of a sudden. Currently, I'm a little intoxicated after celebrating the fact that I have failed to screw myself over financially, so bear with me.
I've been unemployed for a month and a half, and so I was down to my last $441 in the bank. Yesterday, of course, I mailed off my rent check -- $448. Argh. So I ran down to the bank to use my mother's credit card to get a $20 cash advance, and cover the check. My mother's credit card expired two days ago. I have the new card... somewhere... I don't know where.
Fortunately, I had eight bucks on me, so I put that in the bank, and went home. On the way, Chase Bank called and threatened me until I agreed to pay them $15 by July 5th. I have a dollar in my pocket, and 0 functioning credit cards. Katya is in St. Louis. The cat needed food. I was seriously worried, and ransacked my house looking for the working credit card, which I never found. I was really worried.
This was all especially galling because I have $250 in my payPal account, I'll be paid $80 on Thursday, and I have a check for $400 sitting on my bed.
Then I remember that we have saved several hundred bucks in one dollar bills to see the Ring Cycle at the Lyric Opera. So I am celebrating, because I can pay back whatever I need to borrow, plus interest, next week, and until then I am officially _not screwed_. Hooray!!!