Those last two entries are too sad, so I will describe a dream that I had last night. It was a movie. The movie was like one of those teen sex comedies, like _Porky's_ or _American Pie_, but with a bizarre, horrific twist.
It was set in a meat packing plant, way out in the country. The workers there were very excited because a caravan of hookers, the first women they'd seen in months, was due to stop by within days.
Standard sex comedy material... but there was a strange virus that was infecting all of the horses in the area. This virus made the horses turn around and run headlong into the walls of the meat packing plant. In one scene, the plant is surrounded by a wall of dust miles across as every horse in the region ran pell-mell towards its concrete walls.
The rest of the movie dealt with the meat packers attempts to dig their way out through thousands of dead and dying horses in time for the whores to arrive. --