Shelley was hit by a car last night around 10:15. Catrracho, the cat downstairs, found the body. A neighbor saw it a few minutes later, and had the decency to call me up and tell me. I am so impressed by this: he actually reached down, ad took off his collar to read my number, and broke the news to me, and stayed with the body, even though it wasn't his fault. I never found out his name. We went to Home Depot ad bought a post hole digger, and then went to Humbolt park and buried Shelley by the Viking.
Earlier that evening, I remember remarking that Shelley was one of the only friends that I had who I could really enjoy sitting with in silence. I'm a usually very talkative (and so was Shelley!) and most of my friendships revolve around discussions or activities... Shelley was one of the only ones that I could just sit with...