I have Internet access again! Long story short, the dsl stopped one day. While talking to tech support I found the problem -- no dial tone whatsoever.
I hadn't been able to pay my phone bill (not at all, I'm afraid) and they finally cut it off. A week later I got the last bill, and a few days after that I got a warning saying 'Pay this bill or we will cut you off!' Argh.
Before I could contact the people, the turned off my cell phone, for similar reasons. That sucked. However, I managed to get that back, and used it to call the phone people, paid them a bunch of money, and now that's back too... However, even after I had a dial tone again, I still didn't have DSL.
It was puzzling, and I talked to several people at SBC for two weeks or so, and they couldn't figure it out. Finally, someone told me that whenever phone service is lost (for any reason, even if it's because of a thunderstorm) SBC's DSL service is automatically disconnected. Seems like an odd policy to me..... but they promised to have it up again in a week. Argh.
Anyway, short story long, that was a week ago, and now my life is starting to get back in order... a little.
Katya moved in with me, which I should probably discuss in a separate entry, and it was very stressful with the boxes and the moving and the living together with someone else for the first time... but the boxes are getting put away, and the house is cleaner than it has been (she is a very good influence on me!) and the living room is now a beautiful shade of green!
Anyway, more later.