I guess I'm not king, then... I'm looking forward to the new terminator movie for one reason only: I'll get to use the word Terminatrix. Apart from that, the whole thing looks pretty bad. I had to drive to Skokie this morning, and as I did I figured out what the movie would be like if I were king.
First of all, it would be set almost entirely in the future. In T1, the Machines sent back a terminator class machine to kill John Conner... it was destroyed, but bits of its circuitry were left behind and formed the basis of the technology for SkyNET. Fine. Then, in T2, the T-1000 is sent back, which triggers a course of events that lead to the removal of Cyberdyne's chief researcher, as well as all of the T-800 tech... essentially removing the possibility of SkyNET / The Machines. They kinda shot themselves in the foot, really.
So, yeah, if I were King I'd have Jame Cameron make the third movie all about the machine sending in a specialized Terminator in order to kill the T-1000 in 2030, effectively cutting their losses at the end of the first movie. The humans, then, would have to stop this future Terminator-terminator from killing the T-1000, so that the second movie could happen (the one that ends with humans re-writing history).
Maybe that would be too conceptually difficult, but I like the idea of a bunch of people desperately trying to protect the Ultimate Killing Machine, doing whatever it takes to ensure that it has a safe trip back in time to try to kill them all as pre-teens.
And the whole thing would be post-apoc, and that's cool. And maybe John Connor from the future could come along, and he could be Sean Connery. And it would be ok to keep the 'Terminatrix', too... or maybe just to keep saying 'Terminatrix' over and over again...