I can afford Hair Dye!!!
I had an interesting experience... The back of the Clariol box says that I could call for 'expert advice from your personal color specialist' if I was considering a dramatic change, and I was, so I did. I chatted with the nice lady for a while, and learned that Clariol has a red, a blue a purple and a green now. Sometime I want to try them. Anyway, she recommended one of Clariol's bleaching products, and this blue/black. Then I found the X-Treme Effects Bleach, and called back to find out if it was better, and I got this mean guy who said, in an almost offended tone, that anyone who had told me that I should bleach my hair before dying it had no business working with hair. I was a little confused, as I always try to bleach my hair first, and haven't had much luck when I don't... He didn't have anything else to say, and he was mean (not to me, but to the nice lady I'd spoken to before) so I thanked him and bleached my hair anyway.
He said it might turn purple. That could be interesting.