Waffle House
So Katya and I were driving home from this big party in North Carolina (My cousin had just returned from Argentina and Ecuador). It was a ten hour trip, and so about 11:00 at night we stopped at a Waffle House in Indiana. Aside from the waitress and the cook, we were the only two people in the building.
Noticing that we were taking a while to determine our food choice (actually I was just trying to find the Waffle sections -- there it is, on the very top letf: Waffle, $2.50, pecans $.49. That's it, the only mention of waffles on the menu these days) he came over to offer a recommendation. 'White Castle', he said. We laughed, a bit uneasily, and he made our order. He gave Katya twice as much bacon as normal, and gave me a hell of a lot of pecans.
A little while later he beckoned us over to the bar stools to teach us how to play 'Fire ball' Apparently he had the 9:00pm - 7:00 am shift, and was bored out of his skull. 'Fireball' is played while sitting on a barstool. You take a paper napkin, scrunch it into a ball, and try to throw it onto on of the two gas burners without leaving the stool. When it works, presumably, there is Fire and Chaos. None of us could quite get it in, but the guy was practicing as we left... I'm sure he had plenty of opportunity to get it right.
You know, if there were a Waffle House in Chicago, I bet that would be me, throwing paper napkins into the gas stove all night long....