And Speaking of The Breakfast Club
You know that scene where Bender gives his impression of his home life, and then shows off his cigar burn? I now have a cigar-shaped burn of my own, courtesy of a red-hot 6x9 C-clamp. I need to watch that movie again and memorize his speech, so I can impress my friends whenever we get locked in a library together.
On the bright side, I just made right around $372 (before taxes) in three days. Thre very, very long days, I should add. However, I am done and finished with Singing in the Rain. My mottoo throughout the worst (mostly today -- I kept burning myself, stabbing myself, &c.) was 'Remember, it's better than Radio Shack.'. It was, too.
I'm getting my physical on Tuesday, and then hopefully I can start up with Chicago Public Schools. Step three: profit. Step four is, I think, buy some kittens. Aww, kittens.