I got my first personal rejection letter just now, from all of the resumes I've sent out. I was rejected point blank because of the resume itself, and I'm not sure how to deal with that, really. One the one hand, it was really cool of this guy to let me know what was up, on the other hand, maybe he's a superficial jerk?
There were two typos ('techncial' and 'mySQL') and I suppose that a zero-tolerance policy for resume typos is... to be expected, or something. He also complained that the formatting was fubared... I suppose that that's what I get for sending out resumes in .doc format.
Of course I start to wonder, even after I've fixed those errors (.rtf now) whether he would have been interested in me, regardless... I wonder whether getting a job through Learning Worlds was a fluke, because of my theatre background. Maybe I really don't have the slick presentation skills necessary to get a job in IT, ever again.
I don't regret my course of study, my 50/50 BA in computer science and theatre, or the way I live my life. It might take some getting used to the idea that finding another web dev company really won't be an option.