Cross post form Queeresque--Guitar Hero Drums to MIDI

Cross-posted from Queeresque. It actually makes much more sense to discuss the actual point of the video, which I found on hack a day. It\'s of interest to me because I\'ve been playing around with a guitar hero guitar, using it as a midi controller for Ableton Live, and this post is about software allowing you to use the guitar hero drums to also send midi. Which is very cool. Anyway, here\'s the post:


I feel a little weird posting this on Queeresque--it\'s a classic example of focusing on the irrelevancies of gender and missing the point. However, the point is to demonstrate custom software to turn Guitar Hero drums into midi instruments, and that\'s not really something that it makes sense to go into on this \'blog.

The irrelevant side note is that the author of this software, Jordan, is a trans person who often identifies as female and is male bodied. At the start of this youTube video, she spends five seconds addressing this in the most straightforward, \"This doesn\'t matter but people are often distracted by it\" way.

The result? youTube comments like make me feel like there is totally hope for humanity, like this one:

You know.. My first thought was about if you we\'re a girl or boy.

But when you made it clear it felt so.. \"why the fuck did I even think of that? Doesn\'t matter at all!\"

Kind of gave me an appifeny (spelling?)

Hah! youTube for the win! Also, Jordon for the win, as she is an awesome drummer:

Here\'s the video (embedding doesn\'t seem to be working)