I had a strange dream last night, where Katya and myself and Jennifer Gergen were in New York... with Moby. I really wanted us all to have a squirt-gun fight, but obviously we couldn't in our current clothing. Katya had thought ahead (or something?) and had on appropriate clothes and a squirt gun, but Jenn and Moby and I had to buy suitable outfits. At the Gap. White turtlenecks and black sweaters are, apparently, necessary for squirt-gunning in New York this season. Fortunately, the Gap also sold squirt guns.
Now for the disturbing part: I woke up and told Katya that I had dreamed that I was in a squirt gun fight with Moby, and she informed me that I had had that dream before, a couple weeks ago. What on earth does it mean to have a recurring dream about water gun fights with born-again pop stars?